[ENGLISH] Specialist Shows of the BCCI, 2014

You could find here the complete list of the BCCI'S 2014 Specialist Show, with all the infos to join the competions.

Date: Friday 17 – Sunday 19 October
Location: Florence
Local responsible for BCCI: Paolo Nenciarini (tel. +39.338.5319397), Francesco Padrini (tel. +39.335.1045296)
Judge: Brian Chandler

Date: Friday 31 October – Sunday 2 November
Location: Bologna (BO), in partneship with con ABC (Bologna)
Local responsible for BCCI: Paolo Soban (tel. +39.335.277019)
Judges: Tim Ward, Brent Leech


Date: Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 November
Location: Castrocielo (FR), “All Borders”
Local responsible for BCCI: Pompeo Mattia (tel. +39.335.395086)
Judge: John Furley

International breeders, coming from whatever country, are very welcome at our Specialist Club shows.
We ask all birds have a close ring, according to the COM rules.

To have more information, please contact Valentino Cherubini, President of the BCCI
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Mob. +39.338.3637317